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Moody is a security bot ready to protect and brighten up your server.
Also features auto-moderation, anti-nuke, and much more!

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Features of Moody
We provide you the best features in Bot!

Moody is the very first bot on Discord that came up with the anti nuke concept. And it has been perfected over time and now it's an absolute beast that is still receiving improvements. Moody will protect your server from getting damaged. You will also be able to tweak the anti nuke filters to your liking!


Moody uses a advanced algorithm that will help you fight spammers without harming your regular members. It will silence any member trying to disturb your channels by spamming messages, spamming @mentions or sending Invite Links and a lot more!


You can do any moderation action possible using Moody. Moody gives the best quality with every moderation action saved as a case. All moderation commands are super advanced yet easy to use!


Moody will monitor ALL members joining your server. And it will also track all the invites in your server and which are being used. If an abnormal join behaviour is displayed, Moody will instantly punish everyone involved and will try to delete the invite links acting as a gateway to these raiders.

Beast Mode

Moody comes with Beast Mode enhanced to handle rapid attacks from nuke scripts to raiding selfbots! It can defend against any form of attack. It will instantly punish anyone caught near the Beast awakening.


Setup some powerful walls for members join your server, filter anything you don't want and keep your server safe from threats! Moody will stop them before they even start threats.


To ensure a proper anti-nuke system, Moody has to restore what was damaged. Moody is effective and efficient against nuke attempts, it virtually saves everything. Literally, messages, bans, server.


Moody has a advanced clinging system and will automatically give roles that a member had before they left back to them once they join back.







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